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A tapestry hangs behind her printed with pomegranates and dates. She wears a headpiece with a full moon and two curved crescents on it, and there is the outline of a cross across the center of her chest over her heart chakra. Her clothing is blue and white, and at her feet, wrapped partially in her blue robe, is a crescent moon. These images are richly symbolic and offer clues as to the meaning of the card. As a card of the major arcana, the High Priestess has special significance in readings.

Therefore, when this card appears, the querent knows the information she imparts is of special significance. She appears after the Magician I --indicating his ability flows into greater power that becomes hers--and before the Empress III , revealing what she has the potential to become if she walks the path of wisdom.

In numerology , the number two indicates partnership, harmony, balance, and duality.

Libra Justice Tarot Card

This numerology is further reflected in the presence of two phases of the moon and the two pillars she sits between. In the case of the High Priestess, the number two suggests that when two come together in partnership, harmony, and balance of dual aspects such as dark and light , they do so for the purpose of creation of new Divine energies.

The presence of the moon on her headpiece and at her feet suggests the High Priestess works in secret under the cover of moonlight. The moon is also the symbol of yin , or the Divine feminine, which is intuitive and creative. The presence of the Torah in her lap indicates the presence of Divine teachings, although the Torah is half hidden. This suggests she has access to Divine wisdom, but it is partially hidden, so she needs to use her second sight to obtain it.

The presence of the cross alongside the Torah suggests the wisdom available in multiple sources of religious texts and belief systems. The throne upon which she sits befits her station of High Priestess.

The pillars of dark and light once again reveal the balance in duality between yin and yang. The secrets of the world wait to be unlocked, but only if the path to them can be found.

She sits quietly observing all paths, waiting for the way to reveal itself. You have been in your time of quiet, and it has been the correct course of action. Your calm and peace has served you well, and allowed you to negotiate otherwise turbulent waters in serenity. You have been collecting the correct information, and have created no unnecessary waves in the water. Not by fear of action, but of knowing that this was the correct path to take.

It is time to let go of action, and to embrace inaction.

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Quiet observation and wise distribution of energy is the key at this time. Patience is the only virtue that will see you through your current conundrum, patience and calm.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

Let those who would create chaos or move in useless furtive action do so, set yourself apart from it, doling out your calm observations and knowledge to those who would listen. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! It is likely that a time of turbulence is ahead, and it will be a time that you would best observe in quiet. It is both a warning and a promise.

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If you navigate the waters ahead with a peaceful centered mind, giving no word unasked, asking no questions but always watching, you will move through it as unscathed as possible. Test Now! Frantic pointless action, feeling as though something MUST be done about all things. She knows where not to go, not what to do, and thus feels as though she must do all things.

Forever stressed, never resting, always meddling, the High Priestess reversed has forgotten the power of powerlessness, and is always attempting to control things she cannot. Much energy is wasted here. You have been frantically trying to control your environment, to control the situation around you and do everything you can.

Tarot Oracle Answer: The High Priestess

It has been pointless, leaving you feeling exhausted and drained. With no progress having been shown for all your effort. Take heed of this, for you are causing yourself harm by these actions. Either at this very moment, or very very soon, you will find yourself in a situation that you feel demands you take some form of action. Do not fall for it, do not be tricked.

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If you apply your energy to this you will only drive yourself to exhaustion.