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Lucky Day For Sagittarius

They are lively, benevolent and positive personalities. Moon Sagittarius feel the best if he or she passes knowledge to others. They believe in goodness and justice as major principles that affect everything that exists, which makes their point of view romantic and idealistic. It also motivates them and makes them hopeful. Moon Sagittarius would never give up this idea; no disappointment or a failure could be strong enough to break their spirit. They do not only speculate about it, but travel, exchange their experiences, search for it in a physical world. They are adventurous and explorative.

Moon Sagittarius nurture their mind and heart by travelling, meeting new people and learning about the world. Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon are highly expressive individuals; many would say they talk too much! They talk even more than Gemini.

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They enjoy meeting new people and sharing their opinions with others. These people are free-minded and tolerant.

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They are very easygoing and have no taboos. You can talk with them about literally anything. Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon ones already know much themselves; there are only chances to get them intrigued and excited over something.

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They enjoy intellectual and philosophical challenges. Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon are talkative and willing to listen to others, as well. They usually have strong opinions over certain subjects, but they are open to reconsider it. Calculating nature of Libra combined with philosophical nature of Sagittarius makes them question everything. They do it out of curiosity, not insecurity. They enjoy analyzing things, with the purpose of finding the essence.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

These people are emotionally resistant, but not insensitive or cold. They are very warm and kind, actually; they are in love with the whole world, the whole humanity. Their idea of love is above physical. These people find inspiration in life as it is. They never complain, but try to figure out why this or that has come upon their way.

These are some of the most positive representatives of the Zodiac. Their spirit and optimism are ceaseless. They are never discouraged by failure, believing it just another lesson to be learned, another experience with the purpose to teach them something about the world and make them closer to the essential meaning. They could be blunt and impulsive, especially in a verbal argument. They are of confrontational nature, which could be quite tricky.

They say things without thinking if it could harm anyone, simply believing that the truth is the ultimate good. Well, there are situation they should keep quiet, but they probably will not do so. Not all truths should be public. They will remain very sociable, regardless of being in a relationship or married. Their need to explore the world does not cease. They need their freedom above everything else. Their partner has fully to understand this; otherwise, the connection probably will not last long.

Yes, they do; they are romantic idealists and they need a person by their side to share all the wonders of the world with them. They bring excitement into a relationship, but also they are protective and very gentle towards their lover. They love to please their partner and make them feel special. The best match for this lively, intelligent, philosophical and caring personality is someone who is ready to explore the world with them.

It should be someone with similar interests. They enjoy doing various activities with their partner. Libra Sun dreams of a romantic, noble lover, while Sagittarius needs an intellectual and outgoing one. Lively and outgoing, Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon is a personality more temperamental than a typical Libra. They are tolerant and understanding, in love with knowledge. Both Libra and Sagittarius are guided by ideals of goodness and justice.

August ended with you finding a balance between independence and spending time with lovers. Not everyone can get on board with your lust for life and sense of adventure.

Unfortunately, you're so charismatic that people sometimes make promises they can't keep in order to impress you. Romance planet Venus , which is currently in Virgo, squares your ruling planet Jupiter, which is currently at home in Sagittarius on Monday, September 2. You may find yourself at a Labor Day party feeling like your partner is on the same page with you, only to learn that in reality, they seek to tame you. No one can tame a Sagittarius — what you need is someone to run wild with.

Venus enters Scorpio

You aren't afraid of being direct in your communication, but sometimes your bluntness causes more harm than good. Be careful with your words on Sunday, September 8. The sun in service-oriented Virgo squares your ruling planet, Jupiter, currently in your sign. Even if you mean well, be aware that what you think of as honesty could be taken as uncaring to others. Try a little sugar-coating for once, especially if you're speaking critically of a romantic partnership.

I hate to tell a Sagittarius to rein it in twice in one paragraph, but be careful of partying too hard on Thursday, September Whether you're in a business meeting, on a date, or enjoying happy hour, the alignment of the stars is a little bit chaotic when warrior planet Mars squares your ruler, Jupiter, currently at home in your sign. Friday, September 13 , brings a full moon in philosophical Pisces. You're both ruled by Jupiter, and although you display it in different ways, seek knowledge and freedom.

While full moons are associated with partying and you're not one to turn down a good time , this is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your emotions. You can't run away from or intellectualize everything, centaur. If you can, do so by traveling or taking a hot bath and soaking up some much-needed alone time to get in touch with what you need and want.

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Luck follows you, and you tend always have more than one opportunity on the table. To ensure you follow your true will, make an effort to get in touch with your true intentions. The next day, Saturday, September 14 , communication planet Mercury and abundant Venus both enter Libra, the sign of balance.